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UAE Golf Giveaway

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Bali Welcomes Bukit Pandawa Golf Course

Welcome Bali’s latest addition and only 18 hole championship-caliber par-3 golf course on the Island – Bukit Pandawa Golf Course. Bali’s newest arrival is now the most southern golf course on the peninsula, looking out onto the world-famous surf breaks of Bukit Peninsula. 10 of the 18 holes have views of the Indonesian Ocean, while other fairways offer backdrops of historical architectural ruins. The golf course emerges from limestone landscape. Characterized by its elevated ridges, weaving cliff edges, and laid with Paspalum grass. The challenges of this course are defined by the intricate greens complexes and rock outcroppings. Although it differs in many ways from the other five courses Bali now offers, it still maintains its natural landscape theme.

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Travel Stories: A Foodie on the Fairways

Pearl Valley Golf Club Fairway & Bridge

At golfscape, we like to send our in-house experts out into the field and explore all parts unknown of the destinations we serve from the golf to the culture. Therefore, It wasn’t hard for the team to convince our co-founder at golfscape, Michael, to get on a plane and spend the weekend exploring Cape Town during April’s Autumn harvest season. Michael happens to be the best golfer on our team but his passion for the sport is being rivaled in recent years by his love for food.

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Discover Cape Town

Cape Town is rich with history and beauty. A landscape that has some amazing natural sites, with the large Table Mountain and stunning waterfront. The history of South Africa is brought to life with the museums located throughout Cape Town. Here are a few of the key locations in Cape Town, including a few golf courses.

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Sport in Dubai

Golf in Dubai, as we have mentioned, has improved massively. But it isn’t just golf that is thriving in Dubai, sport as a whole is blossoming.

Horse Racing

The Dubai World Cup was first held in 1996, and is an annual horse racing race. In 2010, the prize money was raised to $10 million dollars, and one of the past winners includes horse racing legend Frankie Dettori.

The race is held at the Meydan Racecourse, which also features a golf course, The Track, Meydan Golf. As well as this race, there are loads of horse racing events throughout the year, and Camel racing offers a unique and exciting alternative.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Anatomy of a Golf Swing

Here at golfscape, we are very aware that golf can often be a challenging game. This is why we have created a handy infographic with some golf tips to ensure that when you turn up to a brilliant golf course in Dubai, you don’t get frustrated.

The infographic breaks down what makes the perfect golf swing. From grip, ball position, tempo, stance and swing, we have it all covered. There is no better feeling than have a good round of golf, so hopefully we can help you towards this.

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The Most Expensive Courses in the World

Golf is a game enjoyed all over the world by both players and fans. Many of whom enjoy to travel overseas to boost adrenaline into their golfing adventures. If you’re one of these, you may have walked the same steps as some very well known names. It’s no red carpet, but nonetheless is still pretty damn cool! There is a handful of luxurious golf courses around the world, all of which are of the highest pedigree. Unsurprisingly, these courses are very popular hot spots for both professional golfers and celebrities, all those who wish to hone their skills with the iron.

We have found out which of the world’s golf courses ask for a hefty fee and which celebrities have taken on these challenges

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The golfscape Apple TV app

Today, we launched our first golfscape app on the Apple TV, bringing our exciting technology and service to the living room. Why are we super excited? The golfscape Apple TV app provides you with an incredibly immersive experience to discover golf in the world’s most sought-after destinations. Inspire your next trip with amazing courses in over 55 countries, and high-resolution features at top worldwide golf properties.

The golfscape app offers two unique experiences:
• Featured Destinations – explore a curated selection of the finest courses
• Worldwide Slideshow – sit back and enjoy views from around the globe

Stay tuned for more updates!

So, you think you know your golfing?

Since the game of golf was first dreamt up by the lonely, bored farmers of Scotland (or so we imagine), the game has built up an impressive repertoire of facts and statistics. With the vision of golf changing globally, the faces of the sport have to transcend the stigma that was previously attached in the days of our grandfathers. With masters of style emerging in the sport, such as Ryo Ishikawa, a new kind of golf culture has begun to emerge. The kind of golf culture that sees forecasting in publications like GQ and leading from the rise of upcoming stylish golfers such as Kyle Stanley and Luke Donald.

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Other Than Golf: Dubai Edition

The landscape of Dubai has changed drastically over the past five years. This has completely transformed the experience of a trip to Dubai, as it is now something very different to what it used to be. Too often dubbed a ‘melting pot’ for many different cultures, the term fails the true environment of Dubai, which shouldn’t just be known as a mixture of other places, but a world of its own.

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