Faldo Design: The Vision of a Golfing Legend

Laguna Lang Co, Vietnam

“Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical, and so we aim to create courses that encourage players to think and then decide on the best angle of approach.” — Sir Nick Faldo

Golf courses in 20 different countries, winner of six majors, and a net worth of $60 million, golfscape delves into the design world created by Sir Nick Faldo. Andrew Haggar, the lead architect at Faldo Design, gives us an exclusive insight into the man behind the award-winning design firm. Established in 1991, the most successful European golfer in history takes his experience from the course to create some of the world’s top golf courses.

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Top 100 Golf Courses in the World 2020

Top 100 Golf Courses in The World 2020, golfscape

With the help of an extensive panel of industry leaders, we bring you the official countdown of golfscape’s Top 100 Golf Courses in the World 2020. Join us as we travel through forests, over clifftops, and across the desert to uncover the world’s top golf courses.

The golf courses featured in this official ranking offer experiences to remember, from the rugged cliffs of Punta Cana golf to windswept links golf in the UK.

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8 New Golf Courses to Play in 2020

2020 brings in a new decade, so how about we up our game? Golf courses are constantly evolving. Designers are finding innovative ways to up the visual stimuli while keeping challenging and beautiful architecture at heart, and truly bring golf into the 21st century. Here we unveil the new courses awaiting you, and the designs hitting the scene in 2020.

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Best Golf Experiences in Spain

From the sparkling Mediterranean coast to the stunning majestic mountains, golfscape reveals 8 of the best golf experiences in Spain

Whether you’re looking to recharge after a long week, or improve your game, Spain’s golf scene caters to all. With a near-perfect climate year round, golf in Spain has gained a reputation as the ultimate golf getaway. Encompassing beautifully challenging rounds with attractions, culinary experiences, and breathtaking beaches, discover why Spain has it all.

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10 World’s Most Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

Sustainability is an ever-growing necessity in today’s world and golf courses are joining the global movement

In 2018, Forbes stated that 9 million tons of plastic infiltrate the ocean every year. Knowing that, golf courses all over the world are making conscious decisions to eliminate plastic. From the preservation of wildlife to promoting a low-carbon future, the golf community is making more and more changes to contribute to the worldwide movement to put the environment first.

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The Future of Golf Tech: UK Sales Director’s Insights

3 years, 12 countries, 1 vision – to grow the game

We talk to Sales Director, Cameron Probert, on growing golf throughout the UK with the latest technology. Discover the team behind the work, the vision, and how we’re bringing golf into the 21st century.

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Ultimate Ireland Golf Guide 2019

Ireland is home to some of the world’s most outstanding and masterful golf course designs. With over 300 courses to choose from, golfscape highlights 8 of Ireland’s top golf courses, how to get to the Emerald Isle, and where to stay during your visit. The Ultimate Ireland Golf Guide has everything you need to know, from signature holes to outdoor hotel activities. Select the course of your choice, book your stay at a luxurious hotel or cosy Airbnb, and get ready to find your pot of gold.

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The Chu Brothers, the Most Powerful People in Golf

Ken and Tenniel Chu are the faces of golf in China and the driving forces behind the world’s largest golf resort, Mission Hills. Take a look at the family who have shaped golf over the last 30 years

The Chu brothers electrify the golf industry with their entrepreneurial nature by encouraging equality in the sport, collaborating with the greatest names in golf, and creating a ‘Golf and more’ philosophy at Mission Hills. Fueled by the Chu brothers, Mission Hills is the vehicle that presents China to the world and the world to China. Take a glimpse into the lives of Ken and Tenniel as they conquer golf in China, through ambitious plans and magnificent designs.

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Exclusive Interview with Golf Legend Annika Sorenstam

Professional golfer, businesswoman, and international role model – get to know the greatest female golfer of this generation

Regarded as one of the bests of all time, Annika Sorenstam is an influential woman that’s paving the way for women both in golf and in business. From playing a professional men’s tournament to founding the global Annika Foundation, this simply wasn’t enough. Annika gives us an insight into her career, her views on equality in sport, and what plans she has for the future. Discover the courageous journey of a golf legend and the greatest role model for women in golf.

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Asia’s Most Challenging Golf Courses

Golfers fall in love with courses for their beautiful views, world-class services, and impeccable layouts. Some golfers also have a love to hate relationship with all those courses that really test their ability. The golfscape team has been researching the most challenging courses to play in Asia with the help of journalists, professional golfers, and designers. Take a look at the golf courses that give an incredible game whilst also leaving players determined to complete some of the hardest holes in Asia.

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