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The UAE golf scene sometimes gets lumped exclusively into the golf courses in and around Dubai. However, what most people don’t realize is that beyond the glitter of the most well known Emirate city awaits a diverse collection of six additional Emirates, each with its own character and culture. Golf UAE is gifted with a warm and humid climate, as well as rolling sand dunes, providing a designers dream when fused with a wealth of resources in the region to deliver first class golf experiences. This unique ecosystem has helped golf thrive in the UAE over the last 30 years.

Golf courses in UAE have also played a big part in urban development, namely Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with many golf courses built in housing complexes offering masterplanned communities to help expand the city into what was once desert land. Each of the 18 golf UAE courses are located within two hours of Dubai International Airport, that is centered in the middle of the country geographically.

Heading northeast uncovers the up and coming golf Emirates of Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain. Heading southwest from Dubai airport on Sheikh Zayed Road, you drive through the southern suburbs of Dubai that features many of the most prominent emirates golf courses. If you continue your drive another 30 minutes southwest towards the second most notable golf Emirate of Abu Dhabi, another half dozen courses are situated amongst hundreds of islands that make up the UAE capital. Abu Dhabi has taken full advantage of the many kilometers of ocean front property to build a lasting golf legacy.

Many of the golf courses in UAE are also situated amongst mangroves and desert terrain that world-famous golf course designers have purposely built around. You will often find several species of birds nesting in the natural environment as you find your way around emirates golf courses. When the sun goes down, the floodlights turn on offering golfers the ability to play many of the UAE golf courses until midnight and enjoy the other amenities on offer from fantastic food to world-class clubhouse facilities.

Temperature ranges vary per season when you golf Emirates, averaging in the low 20’s during the winter months from December to February. You can expect shoulder season temperatures of around 30 degrees celsius that climbs to 40 degrees plus from June through September. Make sure you pack the sunscreen; the courses are all equipped with plenty of food and refreshment stands on and off the course to keep you healthy and fully hydrated in order to play your best.

It’s hard to miss the allure of Dubai no mater where you’re visiting during a stay experiencing Emirates golf. For most people, Dubai is a must visit – with its futuristic cityscape of buildings touching the sky, palm-shaped islands, stadium-sized malls, indoor ski slopes, and opulent beach hotels.
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Abu Dhabi Golf Courses

Golf travelers seeking a more authentic experience are welcome to golf Abu Dhabi when visiting the UAE. It’s fascinating to see a western game meet eastern culture.
€ 75per player · Free Cancellation

Dubai Golf Courses

Golf Dubai is the most prominent Emirates golf destination and offers the widest choice that UAE golf courses have to offer. Bring your sunscreen and don’t forget to hydrate.
€ 75per player · Free Cancellation

Ras Al Khaimah Golf Courses

Golf in Ras Al Khaimah is a quaint and quiet alternative to the scene you will find in the other golf Emirates of the UAE.
€ 75per player · Free Cancellation

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