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Iceland Golf Courses

When we consider such a unique place, we think about its natural wonders and how cold winter gets here. But as summertime brings sunshine and warmth to the island, the magnificent Iceland golf courses reveal their unique charm. Alongside its immense landscapes, stepping into this beautiful country will find you soaking up this distinct part of the world. With a fairly large range of facilities, Iceland boasts one of the highest golf participation rates in the world.

The best golf courses in Iceland feature an assortment of views including volcanoes, glaciers, cliff sides, lava, wild grass, mountains, and crashing waves. These unforgettable surroundings follow you around precisely manicured greens in which to sink your drives. During peak summer, experience twenty-four hours of sunlight and a special opportunity to enjoy a round of midnight golf.

Being home to the Arctic Open Golf Championship in June and the Volcano Open Golf Tournament in July, Iceland golf has lured in spectators the world over. Today, this destination amasses twice as many golf clubs per capita as Scotland, and pays tribute with its raw terrain that makes each course a rare challenge.

Reykjavík, located on the west coast, is home to the most golf courses and with good merit, leaving only a few places to seek out while you golf Iceland. In the central north, you will find Akureyri, winning the most northern golf course in the world. In the South, a small island awaits your golfing skills. With Iceland's first established golf club in 1934, there isn’t just a feel for golf, but a love for it.

Iceland Golf Courses Map

History and Culture

A place as unique as this reveals some incredibly interesting history. Much earlier than the appearance of Iceland golf courses, Irish monks were believed to be the first to set eyes on this land, before the Vikings arrived and settled. The country is also said to be the last place on Earth that humans settled on, and was almost completely abandoned due to an 18th-century volcano eruption. On the folklore side, many locals believe in elves and trolls, and they hold the standing for the most books published in a country. Literature and the arts are joined by authentic cuisine, all to make for a splendid visit.

Things To Do

Iceland can be best described as fire and ice, synonymous with its volcanos and glaciers. While playing golf in Iceland may be at the top of your to-do list, enjoying the local culture and cities is a must. Iceland's vast array of features means adventuring around the country is sure to be the way to go.

Throughout the vast lands you will find waterfalls, mountains, the northern lights, glaciers, black sand, and a diamond beach. Spend the day enjoying the internal warmth of geothermal spas, and allow for an exhilarating trip of golf and adventure. Even without leaving the capital, you can play the top two courses, take a whale watching tour, and visit the blue lagoon. If you aren’t able tick-off you entire list, there’s always room for next time.