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The Westman Islands Golf Club was founded in 1938, making it the third oldest golf club in the country. Originally, the course was 6 holes and played inside Herjólfsdalur. Later, the course was enlarged to 9 holes but then made into a magnificent 18-hole course in 1992. The Icelandic golf tournament has taken place 5 times at Vestmannaeyjar course and will take place here next in 2022.

Vestmannaeyjar Golf Club stands out in regards to other courses because there is a large selection of tee times during the summer. The golf course in The Westman Islands is one of the most famous in Iceland and has a huge attraction for golfers, both Icelandic and foreign. It is a big attraction for tourists and attracts many people to the Westman Islands every year. The course is located inside Herjólfsdalur but the natural beauty is one of the things that makes the course as beautiful as it is. The first 9 holes are located inside the valley where there are a lot of hills and cliffs, but the second 9 holes are by the sea. They are therefore considered by many to be more difficult, but can both give and take.
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