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One of the leading and most sought-after golfing countries in Europe, England possesses unlimited golfing desires and needs. Alongside its immense scale of history and architecture, one may wonder if golf actually popular here. The short answer is ‘Yes’. England is home to the highest number of registered golf courses in Europe, which date as far back as 1603. It is believed James VI of Scotland and his entourage began playing their rounds here, once moved into the Royal Palace after Queen Elizabeth I passed away.

What makes England golf so unique is its array of diverse golf course settings. While you can find some of the best golf courses in England towards the South, there are also some stellar golf courses in Newcastle and up North. Another option is playing courses designed by famous golf designers including Nick Faldo’s Chart Hills in Kent, or Harry Courts’ West Course at Wentworth in Surrey. With many regions boasting landscapes of divine countryside or coastal meccas, you can really enjoy your pick of the crop.

Although golfing here means reveling in the well-known golf courses of England, the great thing about exploring such a popular golfing destination is being able to step outside of the norm and experience more in exclusive or uncommon areas.

England Golf Courses Map

History and Culture

Visiting England's golf courses also means visiting a country that is eccentric, enchanting, and full of fascinating places to see with delicious food to eat. While it depends on which part of the country you visit, you will be certain to find joy and mischief in all of its landmarks, traditions, myths, castles, ruins, and so much more. Golf may be the centre of attention, but that doesn't mean you won't have the chance to soak up as much of the country's culture as you possibly can. From its history and well-known architecture to its new modern flare, there will be something to do and see for everybody.

Things To Do

Whether you are the type who feels the need to wallow in a Roman thermal bath, attend a play in Shakespeare's home town, or follow along the path of the famous band The Beatles, you will definitely not be bored while visiting England. With charm on its side, history in its front pockets and pubs all around, you won’t only be able to get caught up in its impeccable golfing options but also its magnificent surroundings.

With an array of courses all over the country, golf in England can really bring you some alternative options daily. Many counties are covered with upwards of 10 courses in one area, allowing for you to literally golf hop your way around. Each property bringing its own uniqueness not only in its courses but in its surroundings, bringing you a golfing vacation you didn’t know you needed.

On that note, let's dive a little more into England golf courses. With over 2,000 courses to choose from, you will have endless and diverse options available to you. As a golfing country that is frequently overlooked by Ireland and Scotland, don’t be fooled as you can encounter some of the best world-class golf available to you. You can find immaculate golf courses in Kent, Surrey, and Nottingham, but also Berkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and so much more. If you’re looking to play near the coast, be sure to explore the incredible sea vistas surrounding the Southampton golf courses. The first step is uncovering which area and style of golf you’d like to play and narrowing down your options from there.

England Golf Courses – Stay and Play

Although well known for its history, England equally comes with its own modern flair making it the perfect location for all groups and anybody you are golfing with. You can rest your head in accommodations with old English architecture or opt for more modern and simple. The same applies to your dining choice. You can dive into famous dishes like fish and chips, roast dinners, shepherds pie, or bangers and mash. But can also find some of the most up-and-coming restaurants and cuisine your tongue will tantalize for. All and all, intertwining your vast array of golfing alternatives with your accommodation and dining will really deliver the vacation of your dreams.