Grindavík Golf Club

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Grindavík Golf Club (or Golfklúbbur Grindavíkur) lies by the main road to Reykjanesvita, west of Grindavík, about 7 km from the Blue Lagoon. The course is 18 holes, with five of them on the banks by the sea, and thirteen north of the main road stretched nicely into the lava.

First, the holes in the upper course are played into the lava to the east of the golf course. When the first 6 courses have been played, the golfers turn west and then finish the first part in the famous bowl on 9 hole opposite the golf bowl. Then the field is played back and forth on the next three holes and finally the trays are played. The 18 hole is next to the old hut and is a majestic par 3 hole that runs up to the current golf hut.

A new golf clubhouse was opened in July 2012. The clubhouse is 170 square meters in size and can accommodate up to 100 people. The clubhouse is very suitable for all kinds of groups and companies for tournaments.

The course is therefore full of contrasts and is divided into three parts with a typical coastal course, overgrown farmland, and the third part with paths that surround the lava. Húsatóftavöllur is located in a crack area and opens majestic ravines facing golfers on many courses of the upper course. It can be said that this is a true natural pearl because it stands on the plate divide where the Eurasian album and the American album meet in all their glory. The course is considered rather easy on the foot.

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