Dublin Golf Courses

Golf is a baby with only a few hundreds years of history under its belt in this 1000-year old city rich in heritage and personality. Like the people, the courses are a charismatic collection of beauty, brut force from prevailing winds whipping off the Irish Sea and hospitality only Dubliners can serve up. Locals love to chat, will welcome you into their club like a life-long member and set your compass straight with some helpful hints as you step foot on to the course. For the less hardy, Dublin’s courses provide a happy medium. Legendary links accessible by day trip so you can absorb the cultural candor of urban life. To really understand the fabric of the city you need to spend some time in a pub one evening. The great thing is this fits perfectly with some post game banter between your playing foursome, allowing you to relive the day and tell some stories over a “jar”. There’s 1000’s of pubs to choose from that will provide a window into the soul of the Irish people.
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