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Of all the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, O’ahu is the most visited, welcoming over 5 million visitors every year. Home to the state capital of Honolulu, O’ahu has so much to offer and is the perfect blend of action and relaxation. Whether you are looking for a jam-packed vacation or a tranquil escape, you can find an ideal balance on O’ahu and if you are hoping to add a spot of golf into your Hawaiian adventure, on O’ahu, you truly hit the jackpot. O’ahu golf courses outnumber any other Hawaiian island and as the home turf for one of the world’s most prestigious golfing events, there is no place better to play in Hawaii than on O’ahu.

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Golf on O’ahu

Home to over 40 courses, O’ahu golf offers more golfing options than any other Hawaiian island. With an extensive collection of both public and private courses, there are seemingly endless options for golfers visiting O’ahu. With majestic views of the surrounding turquoise waters, a backdrop of the dramatic Koolau Mountains, and towering palm trees lining the fairway, O’ahu boasts impressively scenic courses. As one of the windiest Hawaiian islands due to the archipelago’s trade winds, golfing in O’ahu can be a challenging but certainly a fun event. O’ahu golf courses also feature bermuda greens which have a much greater influence on the ball. In addition to the great experiences for amateurs to enjoy, professional golfers also frequent the courses of O’ahu. An annual PGA tournament graces O’ahu’s events calendar with the Sony Open in Hawaii held at one of the best golf courses in O’ahu every January.

History of O’ahu

As one of the oldest islands in the archipelago, O’ahu is one of the most historic of the Hawaiian islands with a rich history in many areas. The former home to the Hawaiian monarchy, the birthplace of surfing, and the first island to be spotted on Captain James Cook’s Pacific expedition, O’ahu has a uniquely strong heritage. As the founding island of many great Hawaiian traditions, it is no surprise that O’ahu golf sparked the golfing community in Hawaii with the islands’ oldest golf club taking up residence on O’ahu.

When to visit O’ahu

O’ahu remains consistent with the excellent weather and tropical climate of Hawaii. Whilst the island does experience higher wind levels than other islands, the overall weather conditions are not impacted. There is no doubt that the shoulder seasons are the best time to visit O’ahu with lower crowd levels and comfortable temperatures, however, summer and winter are both incredible times to visit too. During summer, you can expect minimal rainfall whilst winter is prime whale-spotting season.

Things to do on O’ahu

As the most popular tourist destination in Hawaii, it is no surprise that O’ahu has a seemingly endless list of things to do and places to see. Home to iconic beaches, a vibrant nightlife scene and some of Hawaii’s most famous landmarks, O’ahu has a diverse range of activities to enjoy. As the birthplace of surfing, riding the waves is an incredibly popular activity on O’ahu whilst the abundant underwater world is perfect for snorkelling. With so much history, O’ahu also boasts fascinating museums and historic attractions including Pearl Harbor National Memorial.