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The first game of golf in Galway took place around 1895 and since then, courses have continued to weave their way throughout this charismatic region. In fact, it's in this very county that the legendary Christy O'Connor Sr. and Christy O'Connor Jr. both finely tuned their skills at the various Galway golf courses. This location resonates with Ireland's traditional culture, all the while fused a with a modern, bohemian feel. It's cobbled streets, live music, and cooky nooks and crannies induce a feeling of being taken back in time. Meanwhile, the atmosphere this city provides is energetic and vibrant. When you golf Ireland by taking a Galway golf trip, you can see just why this region is called the ‘cultural heart of Ireland’.

Galway Golf Courses Map

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The Galway Golf Experience

When looking to experience Northwest Ireland golf, it's easy to see why golf courses near Galway are an effortless choice. Behind Dublin and Cork, this is the third-largest city on the Emerald Isle – and one full of character at that. You can't ask for a more authentic Irish golf experience than by not only playing on Irish land, but on land crafted and cared for by Irish golf legend Christy O'Connor Jr. Galway offers exactly this. There are several famously-designed layouts to choose from, but one destination that captured this Mr O'Connor's imagination time and time again was Galway Bay Golf Resort. Here, the velvet undulating greens sit plush against the serene waters of Galway Bay, where the championship course is accented with flurries of shrubbery and carefully placed flora. If you make only one stop, to feel the beauty of Galway, make sure it's here.

Fall in Love with Northwest Ireland

Wherever you begin your Irish adventure – whether it be to golf Donegal in the North or start in the South – there's a beautiful attraction about golf courses near Galway, Ireland. The city is right in the middle of an ethereal coastal route, known as the Wild Atlantic Way. This passage along the western skirt of Ireland, stretching from north to south, passes through nine counties and three provinces. Not just for scenery lovers, the route includes 1,000 attractions and more than 2,500 activities – all of this, and that's without even mentioning it's top-tier golf courses. Prepare for breathtaking views from Cork to Limerick, and all the way up to Sligo golf courses. Make the most out of your time in this region by putting your way through these scenic lands.

After the 18th Hole

Other than golf, Galway Ireland doesn't disappoint when it comes to attractions and activities off the course – all steeped in the famous and charming culture of this region. The happy-go-lucky, laid-back vibes of Galway are best felt at its vibrant weekend markets. Here, there's lots of chat, colorful stalls, and plenty of incredible flavors. Also, during festival season, Galway draws in the very best of local and international talent. The city truly comes alive – but it's not all glitter and lasers – check out events like the Galway International Arts Festival for a guaranteed good time for anyone. Whether visiting Ireland for the first time, or perhaps enjoying a staycation, Galway is an experience to be remembered.