Red Sea Golf Courses

Few destinations can guarantee year-round sun for golfers to enjoy, but Egypt’s Red Sea serves up wall-to-wall blue skies pretty much 365 days a year. The sun really does shine every day! No wonder the ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun god, Ra. Hurghada’s hot, dry climate sees an average of just 4mm of rain per year, and just three days with precipitation. Even when it does rain, the clouds soon give way to sun again.

Thanks to the ever-present sea breezes, golf can be enjoyed on Red Sea courses even in the hottest months. Average daytime high temperatures reach 37°C in July, and while Europe is shivering in the depths of winter, January highs in Hurghada and the Red Sea are a comfortably warm 22°C, with nine hours of sunshine each day. From November to February a sweater or light jacket might be needed in the cooler evenings.

Golfers will be the envy of their golf club locker rooms when they return from a holiday in Egypt relaxed and tanned after a warm winter golfing break while their home courses have been snowbound or deluged by rain.
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