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George Golf Club

  • Langenhoven Road
  • George, 6530 South Africa

The George Golf Club is one of those courses that can be played again and again, and it grudgingly gives up its secrets to scoring well. No true golfer could ever tire of its charms or the local hospitality, and no matter how well or poorly the player might do, they will surely always want to come back for more.

Long-hitters will feel that they can overpower the layout, because by modern standards it is certainly not long – but the tree-lined fairways with some tight landing areas, and a few good pin positions will demand respect from the most accomplished players. Throw in some wind and the changes in elevation and George Golf Club will keep even the best players guessing. Best of all, this is a playable course that is fun to take on in any conditions.

Hole One – A picturesque and deceptively difficult opening hole has water to the left and a line of trees to the right. Both the water and the trees are very much in play off the tee. A well placed – front - bunker makes the correct yardage on the uphill approach shot all important.

Hole Two – A mammoth par 5 - the longest on the golf course - starts with a tricky tee shot to a fairway which doglegs sharply to the left. If you don't find the correct side of the fairway you may find yourself with a long third to a green protected by a green side bunker and 2 fairway bunkers both within 100 metres from the green.

Hole Three – A well-placed drive is an imperative on this hole as the green is guarded on the right side by large trees and on the left by a strategically placed bunker. The undulating green allows for some interesting pin placements.

Hole Four – A short par 4 on any day the feature of this hole is a fairway lined with four bunkers. (1 on the left and 3 on the right) The use of a long iron or fairway wood from the tee is often the best option and should still leave a short iron approach to a green guarded by two bunkers.

Hole Five – A line of lovely, leafy trees down the right hand side of the fairway is the only major obstacle on this hole. A well-placed tee shot down the left side of the fairway will leave you an open, downhill approach shot to a large green that slopes from back to front.

Hole Six – The only par 3 on the front nine has a front bunker running the length of the green and a severe drop off at the back of the green. Short or long is therefore not an option. The green is one of the most difficult to read with a number of subtle breaks.

Hole Seven – The only hole on the golf course without a bunker but don't be fooled, the stroke 1 rating is well-earned. A good drive is an imperative but even that will leave a fairly long approach to a green which seems flat at first glance and is in fact anything but. Be sure to have a good look at your putt.

Hole Eight – Another short par 4, the eighth doglegs severely to the left. Placement off the tee is the key to playing the hole well. The corner of the dogleg is protected by a trio of tall Pines and an out of bounds fence runs the length of the hole down the left hand side. Two fairway bunkers will catch anyone attempting to bite off too much of the dogleg and the green I protected by a further 3 bunkers.

Hole Nine – One of the most intimidating driving holes on the course. Your tee shot must negotiate an “alley” of trees to a fairway which drops away from you and to the right. A left to right ball flight is ideal and often imperative as the left hand side is protected by a lateral water hazard. The green slopes severely from back to front and features some wicked pin placements.

Hole Ten – The first hole on the back nine is characterised by trees guarding the left and right sides of the fairway as well as an out of bounds fence down the length of the left hand side. The green is protected by three bunkers which make for some tricky pin placements.

Hole Eleven – A good tee shot on this par 5 will leave you with a straightforward lay-up or approach to the green. However be aware of the out of bounds fence running down the entire length of the left hand side of the hole. Like the 10th, the green is protected by 3 bunkers.

Hole Twelve – The downhill tee shot on this hole to a fairway that falls away dramatically from left to right. Keep the tee shot high up the left hand side of the fairway and you should have a fairly straightforward, short approach shot to a narrow green guarded by 2 bunkers to the left and a steep embankment to the right. The right hand side of the fairway will inevitably run off into the rough and leave you a much tougher shot and possibly some tree trouble.

Hole Thirteen – The first of the three par 3′s on the back nine and the shortest of all par 3′s on the golf course. An uphill tee shot to a 3 tier green bunkered left and right should not present too much difficulty. The severity of the slopes on the green may however.

Hole Fourteen – The secret to playing this hole is to keep your tee shot in the right half of a fairway which slopes from right to left and is guarded by 3 bunkers on the right hand edge. Large trees on the left tend to hide most of the green if your drive finds the middle or left hand side of the fairway. The shortest par 5 on the course, it can be reached in two by many golfers. The green is protected by 3 bunkers, short and right, front and finally right of the green.

Hole Fifteen – This amazing par 3 has an elevated tee down to a large 3 tier green. This corner of the course is peaceful and quiet, so take some time to reflect on the beauty. There is a green side bunker on the right and a steep grass embankment on the left.

Hole Sixteen – The third and final par 5 on the back nine. There is a bunker on the right of the fairway, which is well positioned to catch any golfer trying to cut the corner off the tee. The bunker marks the start of a slight dogleg to the right. A second bunker on the left, short of the green needs to be carried if you are going to attempt to reach in two. The green slopes from left to right and is protected by 2 bunkers, front and right.

Hole Seventeen – The signature hole is the longest par 3 on the course and leaves you no room for error. The long downhill tee shot needs to be exact if you are going to find the narrow green guarded by 4 bunkers which virtually surround it. This hole has been rated as one of the top 500 in the world, as well as the best par 3 in South Africa.

Hole Eighteen – The most difficult hole on the back nine. There is water and thick bush to the left of a fairway that feeds towards the trouble. The approach shot down to a two tier green has to carry a large “dip” and avoid the large area of bush and long grass to the right, affectionately known as the “snake pit”. The green is bunkered left and right and if you find the wrong tier you may be faced with a rather tough two putt to finish. Bobby Locke called 17 and 18 the best two finishing holes in South Africa.

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George Golf Club

5862 yards
Established in
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Bent Grass
Dr Charles Molteno Murray

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