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Maui Golf Courses

Home to dramatic waterfalls, breathtaking beaches, and the luscious Iao Valley, Maui is undoubtedly the most picturesque island in the Hawaiian archipelago. As one of the most popular vacation spots in the US, Maui boasts exceptional weather, unrivaled scenery, and thrilling activity around every corner. A world-famous adventure playground, Maui is the ultimate destination for an active vacation. Amongst the myriad of exciting activities available on the island, Maui is a golfing paradise with outstanding courses that boast the most impressive views. Welcoming amateur golfers and hosting prestigious golf events, Maui golf is open to all levels and abilities with a friendly community and a vibrant après golf scene.

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Golf in Maui

In comparison to its neighboring Hawaiian islands, Maui features fewer courses – but what the island lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up for in quality. Maui golf courses are some of the world’s most majestic with exquisite parkland, challenging holes, and idyllic views. Many of Maui’s golf courses are often ranked amongst the world’s best and the island tops the bucket list of many avid golfers. A golfing playground for both amateurs and professionals, Maui annually hosts the Tournament of Champions on the PGA tour. Home to 14 courses scattered across the island, you will find the best golf courses in Maui to the west of the island with outstanding championship courses both inland and coastal offering a diverse range of backdrops for your golfing experience. Surrounded by ocean vistas, towering palm trees, ancient lava flows, and imposing mountains, there is no place quite as beautiful to tee off than Maui.

History of Maui

Named after demigod Maui, the island’s history is mostly punctuated by legend which is deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. In Polynesian mythology, Maui pulled the Hawaiian islands from the depths of the sea with his magical fishing hook and lassoed the sun from the summit of Haleakala to make the days on the islands longer. As the second-largest of the Hawaiian islands, Maui also has a deeply rich history in the whaling, ranching, and sugar industries. The island has also been influenced by European culture for centuries and for this reason, the history of Maui golf started early. Just two years after the first official golf tournament was held in Scotland, Maui’s first golf course was created.

When to Visit Maui

As part of the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui is a year-round destination and it can be argued that any time you visit Maui is a good time. The island boasts a phenomenal climate with tropical temperatures and year-round sunshine. Lower rainfall is expected during the summer but although the winter has a higher chance of rainfall, Maui remains an ideal destination for some winter sun with temperatures averaging 26°C/79°F . The island is particularly popular throughout both the summer and winter months whilst the shoulder seasons see lower crowd levels. No matter which season you decide to visit Maui, you can rest assured that your Maui golf experience will encounter great conditions.

Things to Do in Maui

The ultimate adventure destination, Maui offers endless hiking trails, exciting attractions and spectacular beaches of both black and golden sands to discover. Water activity is highly popular with a vibrant underwater world perfect for snorkeling, calm waters ideal for kayaking, and cascading waterfalls to chase. Navigate the depths of Maui’s national parks, home to a rugged landscape and the active volcano of Haleakala visible from most corners of the island. The resort of Wailea on Maui’s south west coast is where you will find the most phenomenal beaches, unique experiences, and the leading Maui golf courses.