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From east to west the Archipelago of Indonesia spans 5,000 km and features over 17,000 islands, two of which are famous from a golf Indonesia perspective. The first is Bali, a step into the sublime of spirituality and intrigue. If golf was ever to be considered a spiritual game it would be most at home in Bali with world renowned layouts like Nirwana Bali Golf Club set amongst temples and religious landmarks. Many Indonesia golf courses are also located in highland areas offering cool micro climate surroundings. Bali is no different with Mount Agung towering over the island and its local golf courses, some of which are situated in its shadow, and others that have the volcanic peak providing golfers a target to shoot for on the distant horizon.

The second island cluster of interest when discovering golf in Indonesia is Bintan and Batam. A short hop from the urban center of Singapore, Bintan and Batam Island is a must visit for a golf day trip or long weekend getaway. The tropical climate and warm Indonesian culture is immersive at every touch point within the many luxurious golf resorts that feature on the islands. This is where golf Indonesia will spoil you for choice with eight courses within a driver distance of each other.

And that’s not to forget Jakarta and the surrounding area of Bogor where golf provides a tranquil unwinding of sorts to the frenetic pace of city life. However, make sure you tee off early or late in the day so you spend more time on the golf course and less in the metropolis’ incessant traffic gridlock. Situating yourself in South Jakarta can minimize the transfer times to and from your hotel and the many courses close by. Book online tee times to secure the best rates and availability - you can’t forget metro Jakarta is a population of 28 million people so demand for golf can be high!
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Bali Golf Courses

Golf in Bali is supernatural with a subtle sense of the sublime that will take you on the most memorable experience of all the clusters of the Indonesia golf courses.
€ 75per player · Free Cancellation

Batam Golf Courses

Golf in Batam is known for offering tremendous value for money with most green fees priced in local currency similar to what you will find in other Indonesia golf regions.
€ 75per player · Free Cancellation

Bintan Golf Courses

Located an easy 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore, the island of Bintan is part of Indonesia requiring you to pack the passport with your golf clubs for the day trip.
€ 75per player · Free Cancellation
€ 75per player · Free Cancellation

Jakarta Golf Courses

The capital is as dynamic as it gets with stunning contrasts at every glance, and the same can be said for golf in Jakarta as the largest concentration of golf courses in Indonesia.
€ 75per player · Free Cancellation

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