Top 6 Places to Golf in Singapore

If golfing and vacation both make you happy, you just might want to consider booking your next trip to Singapore. You might not realize this, but Singapore has the most golf courses per kilometer than any other country in the world. Whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or fall somewhere in between, here are six courses you will want to investigate.

The National Service Resort and Country Club in Kranji (NSRCC)
The NSRCC features a nine-hole Armed Forces course with narrow fairways and several water hazards, with the beautiful Kranji Reservoir as a backdrop. If you prefer less of a challenge, the Home Course with 18 holes has much wider fairways. When your golf game is over, make your way to the designated area for bird-watching to see some of the country’s most exotic creatures.

Marina Bay Golf Course
Located in the heart of Singapore, this course provides panoramic views of its skyline and beautiful fairways. With few water hazards but plenty of pot bunkers, Marina Bay is one of Asia’s favorite public golf courses. It’s also the only one in Singapore with a par-6 hole. You can even golf at night from Wednesday to Sunday.

Sentosa Golf Club
This 72-par golf course earned the distinction as the top championship golf course in Asia from Asian Golf Monthly several years ago. It stretches for 7,100 feet, making it the area’s largest as well. The clubhouse remodel in the early 1990s cost millions in American dollars, which should give you an idea of just how fancy and exclusive it really is. The two main courses at Sentosa Golf Club are The Serapong and The New Tanjong. The latter contains natural hazards such as large trees and freshwater lakes.

Changi Golf Club
This is the most historic golf course in Singapore. It began being used for play in the 1940s when RAF officers dug holes in the ground to play golf when they had a break from military duty. In 1949, designers created a nine-hole golf course on the same site. When you golf here, you will need to make your way around artifacts from World War II, such as gun emplacements and army barracks. If you’re passionate about both golf and history, this is the place for you.

Orchid Country Club
Orchid Country Club contains three nine-hole courses that all have the name of a flower. These include the Aranda, Dendro, and Vanda. All three courses sit along the Sungei Seletar Reservoir. The courses offer manicured greens as well as various golfing options according to each player’s ability level. The Aranda is ideal for beginners due to its wider fairways, while the Dendro offers the longest course in addition to the longest par-5 hole in Singapore. As the most challenging of the courses, the Vanda provides golfers with plenty of bunkers and water hazards.

Keppel Golf Course
This 72-par golf course encompasses 64,701 yards. It has 18 holes and is situated in a lush countryside setting. After your game, you can order from the pub or restaurant in the colonial style clubhouse. Keppel Golf Course has something to challenge everyone from amateurs to pro golfers.

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