Barcelona Golf Courses

Situated on a southeastern facing slope that rises from a mirror-like Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is regarded by many today to be amongst the coolest cities on the planet. Full of technology companies and a cosmopolitan lifestyle enjoyed by it residents, the metropolitan area can serve up a truly signature mix of experiences that makes any visitor swoon and delivers an all-things-to-all-people vibe. Golf is part of the city’s cocktail. With a more balanced four-season climate in Barcelona and in the surrounding region of Catalonia, it makes for optimal playing conditions with lush fairways and a more temperate environment to enjoy golf every month of the year. While the selection of courses is relatively limited, the high quality and shot values served up make it a must visit. Take a less is more approach to a golf visit here that leaves time in your day to take in the rest of what this hedonistic city has to offer.
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