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Golf Courses Near Bangkok

Bangkok Golf Courses

When flying into the city, golf gets serious face time with passengers peering out the window and seeing the countless Bangkok golf courses dotting the cityscape below. The Thai golf bug officially bites you even before disembarking the airplane. This global gateway to South East Asia, Bangkok airport transits 55 million passengers per year. The metropolis features an abundance of pristine properties distinguishing golf in Bangkok as a beacon for first class hospitality unmatched by any destination in Asia. The city delivers quality golf with value for money – a winning formula that has proven to be popular with the international market.

While many clubs remain semi-private in nature making demand for weekend tee times high, it’s best to discover golf courses in Bangkok on weekdays when you can steer clear of members. This leaves the weekends to let loose in this neon-clad metropolis of entertainment and shopping malls. The 20+ courses that encompass golf Bangkok are diverse and the people who make your day more enjoyable on the course are always smiling.

Over the past 20 years, Bangkok golf courses have been the beneficiary of many world-class events that have come to town. The windfall came initially in 1997 when a then 21-year-old Tiger Woods made a return trip to his native motherland to play in the Asian Honda Classic at Thai Country Club. Since then, new events like the Thailand Golf Championship have dotted the annual calendar, casting new champions and seasoned veterans into the winners circle. This concurrently has also put a spotlight on the golf courses in Bangkok.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport there are more than a half dozen quality courses to experience when you golf Bangkok. They include Thana City, Green Valley, Thai Country Club, Summit Windmill, Muang Kaew, and The Vintage Club. Summit Windmill is particularly attractive in terms of its close proximity to the airport and two hotel options on the property that can serve as your base to play golf in Bangkok for a week.

For one of the best overall golf and hospitality experiences, you will truly enjoy Thai Country Club which is owned and operated in a joint venture with the world-famous Peninsula Hotel Group. You must also experience the new kid on the block when you golf in Bangkok. Nikanti Golf Club on the western edge of the city offers an all inclusive experience for the day familiar to guests when they stay in hotels but a relatively new concept in the golf industry. Guests have rave reviews!

When you’re planning which Bangkok golf courses you intend to play, its important you also consider what time of the year you want to play. This question will ultimately be answered by understanding the seasons. Bangkok is dominated by a tropical monsoon climate which means there are three main seasons: hot season from March to June, rainy season from July to October, and cool season between November and February.

Golf courses in Bangkok are not the only thing that will be vying for your time. Off the course in Bangkok opens up so many cultural and entertainment possibilities, it’s sure to keep you buzzing. Life in this urban jungle is lived and conducted on the street, and you will experience some amazing things by just walking ‘soi’ after ‘soi’. In the evening, take a ride on the BTS Skytrain that will take you down Sukhumvit, the nightlife and entertainment capital of Thailand. Here you can find both sophisticated shopping malls and restaurants along with more down to earth watering holes. The next day be sure to take a boat trip on the river and discover the beautiful temples and hidden markets situated on the rivers edge that have been trading in the same place for well over two hundred years.

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